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Your dog is now reliably targeting the dresser drawer, and so far, you haven't opened your mouth. The next step is to put the behaviour on cue, which means that the dog becomes able to perform the behaviour on command.

Choose a verbal cue (command) such as 'Touch it'. The next time the dog targets the dresser drawer correctly, say 'Touch it' just as the dog's nose touches the drawer, and c/t.

Repeat this a few times, and then gradually start saying 'Touch it' earlier and earlier. After a few repetitions, you will notice the dog starting to target the dresser drawer in response to your saying 'Touch it'. When you reach this point, start counting again - count out 10 treats and say 'Touch it' 10 times. C/t for every time the dog responds by targeting the dresser drawer.

Repeat this step until you get 9 out of 10 successes.

Once you have reached this point, start ignoring the dog when he targets the drawer spontaneously (what we call throwing behaviours.) Only c/t him for targeting the drawer after you have given the verbal cue.

Practice this a bit and you will find that he will stop offering the behaviour spontaneously. The behaviour is now on cue.